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5 Best Options Second Life beds ‘under the cover’ sleeping

by Prisqua Newall
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When it comes to shopping for Second Life beds, it’s important to consider different shopper profiles.

Profile 1: Shoppers who are primarily interested in Adult Second Life beds. For this group, the focus is on the quality and quantity of sexual poses available, with other details being secondary.

Profile 2: Shoppers who are interested in the aesthetics of Second Life beds. This category includes decorators and photographers, as well as individuals who care about how their virtual home looks.

Profile 3: Shoppers who are looking for a role-playing experience. While there are various levels of role-playing, this group tends to be interested in having a functional virtual home without necessarily being a hardcore role-player. How many people sleep on top of their covers or expect their bedding to disappear, unless it has been kicked to the floor?

Not all Second Life beds have the specific features that a minority of residents care about. Despite the large number of beds available, only a few have these features. To understand why this is the case, I contacted a few creators who kindly shared their thoughts. Instead of visiting every store, I focused on the ones I knew and popular brands.

Loft & Aria Second Life Beds

What are the best Second Life beds with 'under the covers' sleeping poses?

Loft & Aria is my preferred brand for Second Life beds due to their attractive design, diverse color presets, and high-quality PG and Family poses. However, upon inspecting their beds and comparing them to other brands, I noticed that they only feature two sleep animations, one for single and one for couples, and the animation doesn’t correspond to the bedding color.

What are the best Second Life beds with 'under the covers' sleeping poses? What are the best Second Life beds with 'under the covers' sleeping poses?

The manager of Loft & Aria explained that creating ‘under the covers’ sleeping poses requires extra work in modeling the blanket covers and setting up scripts for each bed. They also mentioned that most creators, including themselves, use AVSitter with the AVProp plug-in, which rezzes the cover from the bed contents when the pose is chosen. They explained that contents of the bed cannot be texture-changed with the texture options for the bed, so a simple white duvet is chosen as the best general option.

MudHoney Second Life Beds

5 Best Options Second Life beds 'under the cover' sleeping

Based on my observations, MudHoney seems to have only one bed in their collection. However, given that it uses an older version of AvSitter (1.29), it’s safe to say that the bed is not a recent addition. While the bed does come with a cover when sleeping solo, it doesn’t appear to have the same feature when using the couple sleeping animations.

According to the creator of MudHoney, Rayvn Hynes, adding under-the-cover sleeping poses is not too difficult, but it requires extra time for texturing and making the blanket look realistic. Although a few people have requested it, not many have, so it is not a top priority for the creator. Additionally, due to time constraints, the creator may forget or not have time to add in small details like this.

BackBone Second Life Beds

What are the best Second Life beds with 'under the covers' sleeping poses?

On top of my list was Backbone , which only had one bed available. While using the bed, the covers remain in place, but due to the non-static sleeping poses, legs tend to poke through the covers which looks odd. The bed features several single poses and a greater number of couple poses. It is designed for a specific audience and has a prim count of 26.

Aphrodite Second Life Beds

What are the best Second Life beds with 'under the covers' sleeping poses?

I experimented with three beds from Aphrodite and discovered that two of them keep you covered while sleeping. Therefore, it is unwise to assume that all beds at Aphrodite have this feature unless there is a demo available or the information is explicitly stated. The bed with the feature uses 21 prims. Although I previously attempted to find a demo for this bed, I couldn’t locate one and abandoned my search. Nevertheless, the adult section of the shop includes rezzers, providing an opportunity to test all beds. Marina Ramer, the owner of Aphrodite, verified that almost all of her beds include this feature.

LAQ Second Life Beds

What are the best Second Life beds with 'under the covers' sleeping poses?

What are the best Second Life beds with 'under the covers' sleeping poses?

 LAQ‘s bed is a great option as it is affordable at 999L, looks good, and only uses 9 prims. However, if you’re looking for a bed with more style, this may not be the one for you.

Bazar Second Life Beds

None of the beds that I tried at Bazar included the feature of sleeping under the covers. However, I found one on the marketplace that does have this feature. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a demo to test it out, but according to another user who owns the bed, it works well for them with the PG version.

Apple Fall thoughts on Second Life Beds

This is what Apple Pancake from Apple Fall had to say about the feature, “It’s not a complicated feature in terms of implementation since there are two main ways to achieve it. One way is to create a separate mesh for the bedding to switch between a ‘flat and made’ state and a ‘slept under’ state by making certain parts visible or invisible when in use or not. However, this method increases both mesh complexity and scripted complexity, which can affect the product’s land impact (LI) and, in turn, impact customer purchases. Especially with the growing popularity of the Linden Home project, it has become important to ensure that customers can get more value out of their limited parcel LI budget. Therefore, extra features like this become available only to a few rather than the many. A second method is to animate the bedding using rigs and Animesh, but this also increases LI and brings up issues related to mesh complexity and avatar appearance.”

Danny Bourne (r e B o u r n e P r e f a b s) was also asked about this feature, and he responded that he had never considered it before. This is noteworthy because as consumers, we often assume that content creators should be aware of what their customers want. While they should have a good understanding of their audience, Second Life’s diverse user base can make it challenging to cater to everyone’s needs.


It’s possible that there are additional bed options out there with the ‘under the cover sleeping feature’, but for now, these are the ones I’ve been able to locate. Keep in mind that content creators are often balancing the desire to offer a variety of features with considerations like land impact and mesh complexity, so if you have a specific request or preference, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m always on the lookout for new options to add to this list, so if you know of any additional brands or products, feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me directly.

Now, I have a question for you – what features do you look for in a Second Life bed? Is the ‘under the cover sleeping feature’ important to you, or are there other elements that you prioritize?

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SWEETSBROWNEYES RESIDENT November 16, 2021 - 12:56 pm

I love my Floria Bedroom Set (A) by Bazar!! Not only is it king size with several texture changes, but it has the ‘under the covers’ sleeping feature!! The price for all the pieces is extremely reasonable. Check it out.


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