• Second Life About Prisqua Newall

There is RL & there is SL. Same person sitting behind the screen though.

My name is Prisqua in RL and in SL. Only my last names differ. I’m a long time resident in Second Life though I  have stayed away from it for years at a time.

My Second Life birth date is the 24th of November 2006. I lasted about 10 minutes when I first logged in. I had a Sim player background, so I was expecting something similar type of play and graphics but online. The look and feel of Second Life at the time is what deterred me. Until two years later.

One of my RL friends joined SL and became addicted to it. I decided to check out what got him so hooked. Maybe I had missed something?

It looked exactly the same: horrible. The difference though was that I had a friend there who introduced me to his friends and showed me around. I ended up renting my first house and bought a club. Later, another RL friend decided to join and became my business partner. I even managed to drag my long distance RL boyfriend at the time who had swore to many [other women] that he would never ever joined Second Life. But when you are apart for months at a time, Skype is great, but Second Life is something else and somehow better at times.

I always find it difficult to explain what Second Life is and I don’t like using the word “game” because I love gaming on my Xbox and it is just not the same. I play FPS games and I can’t call Second Life a game, even though you can play games in-world. Second Life is more like a 3D social network. After all, you can almost do the same things you do on Facebook: message people, call, chat, share pictures, write a profile … But you can also dress up your avatar, rent a home, and work.

Second Life has a bad reputation linked to a heavy sexual content. In all honesty, it is no different than Tinder, in that, you don’t need Second Life to do sexting, ghosting, taking advantage of someone or cheating on your partner.