If March 2017 fashion events left me with a meh feeling, it is not so for April 2017 round. I’ve decided to do some SL Fashion events hopping and get it over and done with so that I can spend a few hours at the Pose Fair…My first stop was at Appliqué (TP).
The only thing I had in mind there was the LUSH Butterfly Tattoo. There was quite a few eyeshadows and lipsticks to tempt me but the prices made me think twice and ended up looking the other way. I don’t really need any new makeup and there was too many things I knew I wanted to get at other events.

Holly Skirt from CandydollI went to Kustom9 (TP) to pick up the cute Holly Skirt from Candydoll. I went for black because you can never have too many black skirts. You can change the colour of the bow and with 25 options, I think that is plenty enough. 215L for a skirt with many options is quite acceptable.

While I was there, I got a Blueberry lollipop from E Marie Lolli gacha stall and thought Johnas might want one too so got him one and may as well get one for K. This made me thirsty so I stop by the Tentacio “Need A Drink” gacha stall to get a bottle of milk and a soda water.Tentacio Need A Drink gacha

My next stop was Collabor88 (TP) to get the Iaka Top and Hot Pants Outfit by MUTRESSE. Iaka Top and Hot Pants Outfit by MUTRESSEWhen I saw the picture I knew I had to own it, especially for 188L which includes a hud that gives 100s of options –> love 🙂 I also got the Miaa Dress in Nude by TETRA. Miaa Dress by TETRA I was tempted by the Fresh Day Bag by Tentacio but this will go on the maybe-pile.

It’s Rainy Days at The Liaison Collaborative! (TP)  The only thing I wanted there was the Rainy Day Dress  by DEAD DOLLZ (I get almost everything  made by Kiddo Oh).

Bloom (TP) was another event stop for Pois Pois Dress By Dead Dollz.

Dead Dollz April 2017

The Seasons Story (TP) was for the Dead Poets Dress by Dead Dollz but got tempted by the Delia dress by C’EST LA VIE.

I went back to Fameshed (TP) because of a picture I saw in Flickr of the chair and poof from the Nouvel Vignette Set by Aria. The picture on Seraphim didn’t give it justice and I didn’t even took notice when I went to Fameshed the first time. While I tried the Ashely Hair by Entwined and although it looked very nice, I have a few ponytails in that style. Valeska Bracelet by LE PRIMITIF goes into my maybe-pile. If I had a big piece of land with lots of prims, I would have gone for the  Halliwell Patio + Pool by TROMPE LOEIL.

SL Nouvel Set by Aria

It was my first time at We Love Role Play (TP) event and I got a few things there because it was so cheap and good. The Killer Princess Gown by ASS includes two versions: a clean version and a dirty/bloody version. It could be handy in a picture and at 150L, it is a bargain. The Lady Rhapsody Gown by SILVAN MOON DESIGN is my favourite at the moment and looking forward to take more pictures wearing it. For no specific reason, I bought Magic Fire & Ice Balls and they look magically awesome and a bargain at 50L. I’m sure I’ll find a use for them. Or maybe not. Magic Fire & Ice Balls

I will finish my roundup with Très Chic (TP) as this is where my wallet got hurt the most. First I went for Aceline Earrings by Amacci. I got two poses by LUANES WORLD because of the props and acceptable prices. The Bellini Tote by SCANDALIZEThe Bellini Tote by SCANDALIZE is a must-have. I went for black but I put the red one on my maybe-pile. It has two poses and one option with no pose and five colours options for the fur charm.

The Nicole Necklace by SUPERNATURAL also goes on the maybe-pile as I still can’t decide what out fit it could complement (changed my mind and got it). .::Supernatural::. Nicole Set GoldI’m tempted by the Michou Ruffle Dress by MIMIKRI and the Frou Frou Dress by LEGAL INSANITY. I quite like the earrings by Avaway since I already have the necklace – pretty sure I bought it somewhere else though.

My best buy is the Reprise Hair by STEALTHIC that you can admire in all the pictures in this post. I’ve never heard of Stealthic before but but looking at her Flickr Feed, I may have tried the Jealousy style at Hairology, which is a reminder that I have bought a few hairstyle from that event this month. What I love about the Stealthic hair is the three styling options and the cute animations that come with the change: LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Nails are the Brushed Soft Polish by ZOZ at Cosmopolitan (TP) and when I went back there I decided to get the Penelopa Tattoo by Aurica and an outfit by Mimikri.

What I didn’t get from any event and used for all pictures is the Barbara Turtleneck which is from Addams mainstore.

The other events I went to but not mentioned and worthwhile are Shoetopia and The Epiphany. Now that I am done with my shopping and Lindenless, I can go out and take pictures.

Those are just a few of the events, there are plenty more to shop your heart out.

How did your shopping go this month?