January 31

Let’s talk about hair

Doux released a new hairstyle called Bloodline, and I liked it, so I went to the mainstore to try it on.

It’s cute, but I already have quite a few ponytail hairstyles:

Ponytail Hairstyles Second Life Review
These are the ones I’ve bothered adding to my Wardrobe, but I have quite a few more in my inventory.

I also have the Animesh one from Stealthic with the Vista AO, but that’s for another post.

Doux Bloodline hairstyle didn’t wow me, and didn’t see any value in the price, because at the end of the day, it all comes down to what you’re getting for your money, isn’t it?

Doux Bloodline Hairstyle HUD review

For 325L, you get 112 colours  and one main style. The extra 125L gives you the different hairstyles, so the total price is 450L.

To compare I checked the prices at different hairstyle places.

Truth variety pack contains 32 colours and cost 400L. Different hairstyles are included. Fatpack for all colours is 1000L (I’m assuming there are well over 112 colours in the fatpack)

Stealthic variety pack is 400L with 30 colours and includes different hairstyles with animations.  Fatpack for all colours is 1000L.

Tram variety pack is 350Lmwith 20 colours if you count the root colour options, though the styles included is limited compared to a lot of popular brand, (but also one of my favorite). Fatpack is 790L.

Doux is not an expensive hairstyle brand, but having 132 colours to me is pointless, but that’s just me. Plenty of people must be buying fatpack otherwise they wouldn’t exist, would they? I’d rather pay for just some main colours with style included.

I usually opt for the variety pack because I’m a brunette and I tend to go with brown to black colours for an everyday look. Occasionally I’ll go dark blond. Very occasionally I’ll go with a fancy colour like green  or purple, but that’s because the option is there. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy bright pink hair for example, and if so, I’d look for a cheap gacha hairstyle on MP.

Nowadays, different styles are included in a hair HUD, so why pay extra for it or make it obvious it is extra? Is it better to have 100+ colours and no hairstyle if on a budget? Does 125L make a big difference?

If once I would have bought this hairstyle without thinking about it twice, today it’s different. I have a tier to pay and I’m on a budget. Some creators have also become lazy or greedy, so I like to think twice before buying something, and in the end it will come down to what I am getting for that price.

I own one hairstyle from Doux, and I mentioned some time ago I wasn’t fond of their pricing system because I see little sense in it, but all in all you’re essentially getting a fatpack for 450L that others are selling for 1000L even if it may have less colours.

I like to have a variety of hairstyle for different occasions. After all, this is Second Life and being able to change your hairstyle from short brown to long black on a whim is one of the greatest perks of being in a virtual world.

Stealthic is my favorite for an every day look. Cascade is the style I wear most of the time since its release.

I like the texture, the price and the colours found in the variety pack. What I love most about Stealthic now is the animations in the HUD, letting you cycle through all the styles or selected ones.

For the purpose of the video, I timed it to change the style every 10 seconds, but usually have it set on every minute. It is a nice little touch until I guess Animesh hair becomes an every day thing, and until then I will happily fork out 400L for a Stealthic Hairstyle without a second thought.

On to write about Animesh hair …

Meanwhile… If you had to choose just one brand, which would it be, and why?



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