It’s kinda ironic that when I came back to Second Life, Gacha was a totally new concept for me. I clearly remember Zandrer explaining it to me, and being horrified, because it sounded like gambling, pure and simple. With gambling though, you either loose or win. With Gacha, you’re always a winner because there is always a prize, even it it’s not what you wwre playing for. Essentially, Gacha is a game of luck.

At first, I was only buying Gacha stuff through the MarketPlace (MP), because I wasn’t following the Second Life Events trend. When I came back to SL, everything was new, so I had so much to learn. Fast forward to today, I will fight my way to the Arcade and I will count down the minutes to the PocketGacha Hud to be activated.

Hi, My name is Prisqua Newall, and I’m Gacha addicted. I do have it under control though. Well, most of the time. I went a bit overboard with the last round at Arcade. I call it binge Gacha day. It was my last week of assessments at university and that semester had been mentally challenging. I had barely logged in to SL in a few weeks, and was looking forward to the Arcade.

I was mainly after the three rare Gacha items from 220ml. I got two of them, the mixed olives and the peanuts, and that was probably the two best ones to get out of the three. I was happy. The whole set was cool. Most of it would fit well in the pub on Koala Beach.

My Second Life: Gacha inventory gone wrong.

I unpacked most of everything in front of two of my friends, but never got to set it up as I was still busy in RL.

When I was finally ready to decorate the pub, I couldn’t find any of those items in my inventory. It’s all gone. I must have deleted the folder. Not sure how and why, but it’s gone. The trash is empty as I regularly empty it in an attempt to keep my inventory under control.

It’s disappointing, but not the end of the world. Lesson learned: double check before deleting anything.

Last Week Second Life Recap

Last week, I spent a fair bit of time on SL. It was kind of my break week, and wanted to catch up on decorating the mansion and Koala beach with some new stuff such as the Old Camper from Tarte and the new set from THOR.

K has been harassing me for a new kitchen and to put food in the house. Did I really need a new kitchen? Probably not, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with my MudHoney one so ended up buying the Roost kitchen made for the Palm View house, and yes, I admit, it looks fabulous, and even more so when I’ll have it fully decorated (with more Gacha…).

It was also cool to catch up with most of my tenants at once. I feel so blessed to be sharing my sim with such cool people. I did add one small rental because I rezzed the Houseboat from Lagom when I first got it, and I didn’t the heart to derez it. It looks cool, and makes up for a nice little beach rental for someone who wants to live in a nice tropical environment and doesn’t need many prims.
Koala Beach Rental

Visit Koala Beach to see it.

Photography wise, I was able to complete one assignment ahead of time which consisted of doing a photosplash. I missed the deadline for fashion theme of the week which was about wearing jeans.

Photography Assignment - Photosplash

I haven’t had a chance to do much travel lately, so this is high on my to-do list for this week.

I’m off to check Limit8 Event, and see what Cosmopolitan has for this new round.

Have fun.

Pris x