Do you like food or do you love food? How much food and drinks clutter and decor do you have in your inventory? Let’s make good use of all that stuff with a little challenge, shall we?

A challenge for all Second Life food and drinks decor? And let’s not forget all the pose that involves food and drink (Chic Chica maybe…) And with an added chance of winning a few Lindens… Got your attention ? Then read on.


The idea stemmed from a conversation with K. Or maybe (too) many conversations with K.

The short story is she harasses me almost every day with complaints of “there is never any food in your house” and “who eats sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top? I hate marshmallows.” (Thanks Dust Bunny) Yes, that’s K for you. I can never do things right or to her satisfaction in my own house (laughs).

Anyway, because of K, I attempt to vary the food I put out in my kitchen. I am often reminded that I don’t do it that often, even though I have quite a fair bit of food and drinks clutter in my inventory and countless poses (mainly from the amazing Chic Chica).

To change that, I figured I would challenge myself and pick one day of the week to change what food is on show in my kitchen. In doing so, I would like to challenge all of you Residents fo Second Life and welcome you to the #slfoodiechallenge.

Nothing special about Wednesdays, I just had to pick one day.

It will also be an interesting way to showcase the work of some brilliant Second Life creators, and hopefully we will discover more of their creations.

K and I have started a Flickr group, Second Life Foodie: A Virtual Love Affair With Pixel Food and Drinks which will be moderated. I like groups to stay on topic and moderating them is the only way. We will pick one cover image each week.

Eventually, once there is enough interest, I’ll be running some contests with L$ prizes.

The rules: obviously the content of the pictures is to be food and/or drinks related. They can have avatars as long as there is an obvious focus on food. If we can barely see food and/or drinks, we will deny the picture. I’m picturing close ups on dining tables or steaming pots on a stove… Just make it snappy and tasty.

Only one picture a week is allowed. This is a safe group, so no nudity or any kind of trashy pictures allowed.

Long term plan would be to bring out a monthly SL Foodie monthly box. If you are a creator and interested in the idea, please contact me. If you would like to see a SL foodie monthly box, please voice your interest in the comment below.

But for now, enjoy the ride and have fun with your Second Life Foodie pictures.