January 6

The Food Court Event Winter Edition, what to expect?


As a food enthusiast on Second Life, I was thrilled to hear about the recent launch of the Food Court Event Winter Edition. I can only recall one other food-related event, which was MadPea’s International Food Fair from a while back, and it was fantastic. It’s always exciting to have more opportunities to explore the diverse culinary creations available in Second Life.

The Food Court event is founded by Ramadiez Carter, owner of Pewpew! I’m a big fan of PewPew and have most of what the brand has on display at the event.

The Food Court Event Winter Edition SL

Are you feeling a bit peckish?

The venue looks nice in its simplicity making it easy to cam around, and everything rezzed quickly.

The Food Court Event Winter Edition SL

A twice yearly event which is great because it would be too much on a monthly basis, but is it enough just twice a year?

The Facebook page states that the event has almost 100 of the top creators… If you ask me names of top brands for food, ChicChica will be the first to come to mind, followed by Apple Fall even though it’s probably more about furniture and Dust Bunny. None of the three were present. I know I often mention ChicChica as being one of the best creators, but to review something you need to be able to compare to something of great quality and ChicChica is IT.

Prices vary. There is some cheap stuff, some expansive stuff and some WTF stuff. I’m not really sure why I would want to carry my hot beverage on top of my head or cuddle with an aubergine, but hey, that’s just me. I was also under the impression that strawberries were meant to be eaten not to hold your hair… my mistake I guess. Can hardly wait to see some pics on Flickr to understand the usage for such items.  No offense to the brands: I’m just wondering.

The Food Court Event Winter Edition SL

It is great to see new brands, or at least ones that I’ve never heard of, so the Food Court event could be a great opportunity for lesser known brands to shine.

I bought one set from Kotte whom I had never heard of, but I like their selling board. I mean look at it (and if you’re a creator please take note).

The Food Court Event Winter Edition SL

A tray with food and underneath the picture you can see what kind of poses to expect. How cool is that? Simple. Brilliant. Love it.

One of the major problems with purchases in Second Life is not knowing what you’re buying because the picture says nothing, the explanations are vague, no demo and “bloggers” only take pretty pictures. To see a creator making the effort to advertise their products properly is worth investing (well if the product is good of course). And yes, it was worth it and exactly as advertised.

The event is about food, so I expect to find things related to food. Although I’m okay with Sorumin t-shirts, I’m not sure a thong just because it has a piece of fruit in it and a body blush have a place in this event. Cooking aprons or a chef hat would be great additions for this (hint hint…)

The lack of poses was surprising. Focus Poses has brilliant poses related to food, so I wonder why no pose creators are present.  Second Life without poses is unimaginable, so where are they?

Very few gachas are on display which I’m grateful for. Let’s keep them for the gachas events.

I also noticed that the Food Court wasn’t necessarily about bringing out new stuff. The event seems to be more about presenting Second Life food and drinks options available, new and old and I’m totally cool with that. Although the idea of discovering something new, something exclusive is always exciting, it can be quite disappointing when you realise it’s just rehashed old stuff. With so many regular events I can’t imagine how creators can come up with fresh ideas, and the lack of originality is sometimes felt at events, so maybe a twice yearly frequency is good.

Overall I like the event, and I hope

we will see the light of another edition.

Don’t forget to add all your food and drink pictures to my SL Foodie Flickr group.

Over to you, how pleased are you with this new event?


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