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How to Avoid Disappointing Handbags Purchases in Second Life

by Prisqua Newall
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Personally, I enjoy complementing my outfits with a stylish handbag in Second Life. After investing a considerable amount of Lindens in my wardrobe, it’s important to me that the handbags I purchase are not only fashionable but also practical. It can be disappointing when the handbag doesn’t live up to expectations or looks awkward with the outfit. Do you feel the same way?

Standing still for extended periods of time is a common occurrence in Second Life, whether it’s while shopping, socializing, or decorating. However, what’s the point of carrying a handbag if it makes you look like you enjoy banging your head with it? Or maybe I am trying to catch a fly, who knows? As someone who loves accessorizing with a stylish bag, I wish more creators would take into consideration the importance of designing handbags that look great even when we’re standing still.

Handbag by Mask at Vanity Event Second Life

After purchasing a seemingly cute and reasonably priced handbag, I was left feeling disappointed. It’s frustrating when a bag that is meant to accessorize my outfit ends up hindering my movements in Second Life. There should be animations included in the bag that override my AO so that I don’t look like I’m constantly hitting my head with it. Unfortunately, there is no option to change the animation priority in the bag, and attempting to contact the vendor for a solution is often a dead end.

The handbag is from Mask and I bought at Vanity event January round.

Handbag by Mask at Vanity Event Second Life

Only one picture which shows the right hand firmly holding the handbag.

The vendor neglected to disclose that the handbag lacks any animations and is solely attached to the hand. The model in the picture uses one of the hand animations from the Maitreya HUD. This is misleading. If I had been aware of this minor detail, I wouldn’t have made the purchase. To put it simply, this handbag is only suitable for use as a photography prop, if anything.

I’ve never come across a demo for handbags, which means purchasing one is always a gamble. Sadly, the majority of my handbag collection remains untouched as they lack any animations, leaving me feeling disappointed.

It’s frustrating when you come across a handbag with a Bento animation, but it doesn’t override your AO. The reason for this is usually because the priority setting in the pose is too low. It surprises me that designers don’t pay more attention to these details.

Handbags in Second Life are often advertised with just one picture and limited details, making it difficult for shoppers to make an informed decision. Moreover, the lack of models holding the bag in the ad makes it even more challenging to determine the actual size and how it looks when worn.

Are you tired of buying handbags in Second Life that end up being a disappointment? Here are some tips to consider before making your next purchase. First, look for advertisements that mention the number of Bento poses available, as this usually indicates a more functional handbag. Conversely, ads with minimal details could be a red flag. Additionally, if there’s no demo available, it’s fair to ask for a photo of the handbag on an avatar to get a better sense of its size and appearance. After all, why should handbags be any different from clothes when it comes to advertising?

MONCADA PARIS New Release Frenchy Bag Access event Second Life

This is exactly how all handbags should be advertised on Second Life.

Although the French Bag caught my eye with its beautiful design, I ultimately decided against purchasing it due to its high price tag. I’ve bought handbags before with up to five animations, a handy HUD for color customization, and the ability to override my AO, all for under 300L. So, I have a firm budget in mind when it comes to handbags. Unless it’s an exceptional piece, I won’t pay over 500L for one, and ideally, I would like to be able to demo it or see it in action on someone else before making a decision.

Moncada Paris has done an excellent job with the advertising for the Frenchy Bag, and given its price, I expect it to come with animations that override an AO. The more I gaze at it, the more I’m tempted to buy it – be it a belated Christmas present, an early birthday gift, or simply because I can’t resist its charm. The Frenchy Bag exudes an air of elegance that resonates with my style, and I can already imagine all the outfits I could pair it with.

MyWardrobe bags on Second Life

In my Second Life inventory, I’ve accumulated quite a collection of handbags. However, my go-to bag for any outfit is one from The Oak. Not only was it affordable, but it also has a handy HUD that allows me to switch between various colors. Plus, it comes with multiple animations.

But I want to know, what’s your favorite handbag in Second Life? Do you have a go-to bag for everyday wear or a special occasion? Have you found any great deals on bags with multiple animations or color options? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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