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Second Life bags & handbags: is it asking too much?


I don’t know about you, but I love to accessorize an outfit with a handbag, and when you’re spending that much money on outfits in Second Life, you would want it to look good.

A lot of our time is done standing in one spot while cam shopping, chatting with others, or decorating. What is the point of a handbag if it is going to look like this when standing?

Handbag by Mask at Vanity Event Second Life

It looked cute enough and priced reasonably for me to buy it, just to end up being disappointed with my purchase. For me, a bag should have poses that override an AO. I’ve looked for an option to change the priority in the bag, but haven’t found one.

The handbag is from Mask and I bought at Vanity event January round.

Handbag by Mask at Vanity Event Second Life

Only one picture which shows the right hand firmly holding the handbag.

The vendor failed to mention that the handbag has no poses and is merely attached to the hand. In the picture, it looks like the model is using one of the hand animations from the Maitreya HUD. Had I known that little detail, I wouldn’t have bought it. Simple as that. This handbag will go in my photography prop folder, therefore would be lucky if I use it once in a photo.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a demo for handbags, so when buying one you’re taking a leap of faith. I have quite a few handbags, and a lot of them I don’t use because they don’t have any poses. Therefore I have to three types of folders for my handbags: decor, photography props, and wearable.

Sometimes a handbag will have a Bento animation but will not override my AO which is due to priority setting in the pose being too low. You would think designers would know that stuff, right?

Handbags in Second Life are poorly advertised. You’ll just see one picture of a bag with barely any details about it and most of the time not even held by a model which I don’t buy unless I have bought from the brand before.

What to look for when buying a handbag in Second Life?

From experience, if the advert says it has x amount of Bento poses, you’ll have better chances for a nice fully working handbag. The less details the advert has, the more chances it will be a bad buy. Also, if we can’t have a demo, is it too much to ask to add a picture of what the handbag looks like on an avatar? Why should a handbag be any different from advertising clothes?

Take a look at the picture below.

MONCADA PARIS New Release Frenchy Bag Access event Second Life

This is exactly how all handbags should be advertised on Second Life.

Although I really love the look of the French Bag I didn’t buy it because of the price. I have handbags with up to five poses, overriding my AO and with a HUD for plenty of colours, and I don’t recall paying more than 300L, so this is where I draw the line; I have a budget and I stick to it. It would have to be something extremely special for me to consider paying over 500L for a handbag, and preferably I would have to be able to try it, or for someone else to demonstrate it.

Considering the effort put in the Frenchy Bag advertising by Moncada Paris and the price, I’m assuming the poses would override an AO. I might even end up buying it (late Christmas present, early birthday, or just because…) because the more I look at it, this handbag looks so damn good and would suit my style oh so perfectly.

Below is a screenshot of some of the bags I’ve already added to MyWardrobe.

MyWardrobe bags on Second Life

I still have quite a few bags to add as I work my way through my inventory to decide what are good bags and the ones that can only be used for photography.

One of my favorite bag so far is from The Oak as it was cheap, has a hud for all colours, several poses and goes with a lot of my clothes.

You need a bag for each occasion, don’t you? What is your favorite bag?



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