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Second Life Landmarks

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Just go and travel.

So many places in Second Life to visit, it is amazing. Make sure you take the time to explore what Second Life has to offer and see what worlds talented and creative minds can come up with.



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Why Newall Sands Estate?

There are several reasons for creating Newall Sands Estate which has now become Koala Beach. First, I wanted space to decorate and accomodate all my "clutter"...  Instead of

Très Chic January 2018

The main reason I went to Très Chic was to pick up the new outfit by Seniha. I love her fresh, simple and classy clothes. I also got

My Fifty Linden Friday Haul

I’m pleased with my Fifty Linden Friday Haul. There was some great bargains a usual and I went for the Hoya Plant and Blanket Storage Table by Dust