Landscaping your parcel can be fun or terrifying. You may also not have the time for it, or this might not be your thing at all. After receiving a random message asking me how much I charge for landscaping, I decided to set up a page for Second Life landscapers because I don’t do landscaping for others, and I don’t know personally anyone who does it professionally.

I did remember seeing someone mentioning his landscaping services in a Facebook Second Life group, but I couldn’t find the post. I follow a few landscapers on Flickr, but I can’t remember their names, so I ended up asking for recommendations on behalf of a stranger whom I’m unsure how she got my name or even thought I was a landscaper. (I should mention most of the credits for Koala Beach goes to Johnas Merlin.)

Second Life Landscapers

  • Odd Zero is awesome plus she’s meticulous and will use her own stuff if they don’t have a huge budget for landscaping foliage and what not.

  • I do landscaping! Inworld name is Delaney Canucci.

  • Kaiden Tray: he did an amazing job on my dad Jason Lee Gunning’s land.

  • Blaize Landscaping. Blu is amazing as is his wife Purr. They landscaped my 1/4 sim using almost exclusively their things. I honestly don’t think I purchased one thing, other than their services. And the best part? They are absolutely wonderful people. I love to support that.

Please, do remember those are recommendations from other SL residents. I have no associations with these people nor do I know them. Before hiring a landscaper, please use due diligence, and ask lots of questions. I’m not sure how landscapers work in Second Life, but like with any business, I would pay a deposit and final payment once the work is done, so make sure you ask for their payment terms before agreeing.

If you would like to recommend someone or share your feedback on the landscaping service you got, please, leave a comment below. You can also contact me to add your link & pictures.