January 22

My take on MadPea Smoothie Maker

The main reason to drop by Belle’s new round for January 2020 was the Smoothie Maker from MadPea. The 19-prims object didn’t scare me away, and I thought it would be a great addition to any kitchen.

And it looks great. I’ve seen pictures on Flickr. For a decorative purpose, it’s great. I’m just disappointed with what it does.

The animation looks great and I don’t have a problem with that. It’s what comes next that bothers me a bit.

While the smoothie is being made, you get this dialogue in the nearby chat:

[14:05] MadPea Smoothie Maker: You’re making a Banana Strawberry Peach smoothie!
[14:05] MadPea Smoothie Maker: You just added 6 strawberries
[14:05] MadPea Smoothie Maker: You just added 1 banana
[14:06] MadPea Smoothie Maker: You just added ½ peach
[14:06] MadPea Smoothie Maker: You just added ¾ cup of apple juice
[14:06] Second Life: You decline ‘MadPea Banana Strawberry Peach Smoothie’ ( Koala Beach (201,213,2045) ) from MadPea Smoothie Maker. (I declined it because I have a few in my inventory already.)

The last step is what surprised me. The smoothie goes into your inventory and you have to add it. The hand pose as well is not that great either as you can see my finger moves and my arm is still behind my back in a pose. You can call me lazy too as it’s not difficult to go into your inventory and attach the smoothie, but isn’t it so 2007?

Yes, I have to bring in ChicChica because essentially the smoothie maker is a dispenser, and most dispenser I’ve bought lately will self-attach the object. ChicChica first dispensers do not self-attached, but she has rectified that quite some time ago. I was even hoping she would update some of them because they look so good I like to have them out purely for decor. There is always room for improvement.

Anyway, in this example I’m using one of ChicChica hot chocolate dispensers that is set up on my coffee table. I’m still in the same pose from the kitchen.

Notice the difference?

As I said, it’s not a massive deal depending on what you’re buying it for. If you’re only intent is for decor and to have an animated object or to take pics for Flickr, then it’s great. Personally, had I waited long enough to see the smoothie go to my inventory, I may have given it a pass as I’m not lacking of kitchen clutter. One of my friends said she can’t afford the 19 prims and would rather buy JunkFood’s blender which is three prims only.

Nonetheless, I would still buy from MadPea. One product that quite not meet my expectations (and I might be the only one who thinks that) will not affect how I see the brand as a whole. Can’t be perfect all the time, right? I love what MadPea does, and if they come across this post, I hope they will take it as constructive feedback. I’m not a creator, so I’ve got no idea how things are created in Second Life, but if most creators can do it, I kinda expect the rest to follow suit.

Next time though, I will not be so impatient and wait until the end of the animation instead of rushing to hit the buy button.

Why do you buy kitchen clutter? Is it just to decorate? To roleplay? Taking one pic for Flickr? What are you looking for when buying kitchen stuff on Second Life?


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