The Men Of Mahalo Calendar 2018

It’s finally out! The Men of Mahalo Calendar is finally ready to download. Phew! It took long enough…

The idea of a calendar came out randomly in a conversation, and I thought : “yeah, why not?” After all, a calendar is just about taking 12 pictures, right? It couldn’t be seen as that difficult. Well, yes. In theory and if you want to keep it simple that is. I honestly thought I would have that wrapped up within a couple of weeks. It took four months – maybe more as I can’t even remember when it all started. Sam might have been the first one to pose and the original picture was taken in July…

Having to rely on 12 guys to take pictures is hell. We’ve also gone through a breakup and makeup and discovered the true nature of some people… There was also timezone differences to take into account. Some decided to finally upgrade to mesh.

It was a lot of fun. Generally, we are a good bunch, and will have a lot of fun on SL. Some of the boys were really accomodating. A big thank you for the guys who stepped in to replace the ones that stepped down.

Download The Men Of Mahalo Calendar 2018

Who wants to be on the 2019 Calendar? I’m sure Ezzie would love another challenge. Without her, there would be no calendar (thanks Ezzie).