June 13

The Skyroom: How high can you go?

May has been a busy month in RL with university keeping me occupied, so I have not been on SL as much. I still try to login daily though, even if it is for five minutes to clear my notifications and say a quick hi to friends. SL is my escape and helps to clear my mind when it’s full of little voices about my final assessments for semester one.

Nothing much was happening on SL anyway. It has been quiet for a while. Friends seemed to have done the disappearing act again at the beginning of the month but now they appear to be all back on. And so is the SL lifestyle: On and Off.

Not logging in, I thought it would be a good thing. I thought it would mean me saving my Lindens… I thought one day I would log in and look at my Lindens balance with a big smile… Sadly, it is rather a grin on my face but, in hindsight, I was able to stick to my budget. Not overspending is good enough and better than having to find a SL sugar daddy – wink – just kidding.

I was thinking about writing another post about those shopping events but no, thanks. There are too many of them and I can’t keep up. The one and only post I did about them took me a week to put together. If I had nothing else to do, I would try it on a regular basis, but unfortunately, or luckily, I have a busy RL and I go to SL to chill out, not to stress out.

So what happened to my goals of “trying” to make this blog a bit different from all other blogs about Second Life? It went down the drain, of course. But I have achieved a lot with my studies so I can’t complain to much and maybe those efforts will show themselves somehow here… who knows?

Johnas is taking a break from SL so I am left to my own demises to take pictures and I don’t really like it, though I have to get used to it. I have lots of poses for couples we had yet to do. I couldn’t resist to get the latest ones from K&S… Maybe I will find someone to replace him? Not that I want to, but he leaves me not much of a choice.

I have given up on wanting to move to the boathouse as whoever is living in it at the moment doesn’t seem to be moving out any time soon. I can understand why, otherwise I would not want to move in it myself. And I cannot find another house that could replace my Dust Bunny one. In fact I have been keeping an eye on Dust Bunny to see what they were up to and if by any chance they would have another house coming out. Still nothing.

Since I never had a skybox, now was a good time to consider it. Of course, I would be picky about it. One of my mottos is “I will know when I see it.” So when I saw a skyroom by Tanakamura advertised for FLF, it looked as if it could be just perfect for my needs and no brainer for L50.

I can and I will. Watch me.
Dress by Dead Dollz, necklace by Supernatural, hair by Lamb

And I was right. It is just perfect and now my sanctuary.Quiet night

The flat roof is practical to use as a photo studio and drop props on it. That’s how we managed to do the London Tube screenshots with the prop and poses from FoxCity – well worth the Lindens if you ask me.
Destination: London
It only took about four hours to take those snapshots in the Tube prop. I started out with just me, then K dropped by, and finally decided it would be cool to have more people. I had to set up some pose balls and then to find a fifth person available or willing to pose with us took longer than expected. It came out all right and it was another great day with friends. We had not done a photoshoot all together in a while and as much as it can be a bit frustrating at times to work with more than one person for a screenshot, it is amazingly fun.

Since I moved my bedroom to the skyroom, my house is now how half full or half empty? It feels empty. I had to remove some of Johnas’ furniture. I’m not quite sure what I will do in it. For now, the room upstairs remains empty. Maybe I can use it for occasional themed scenes with my friends.

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.


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