Due to some technical issues and the headaches to fix them, I decided to start fresh with a new Second Life blog. I started blogging about SL in 2009 and this site has moved from host to host quite a fair bit so it was bound to break. There was also questions about if I really wanted to blog about Second Life or take on a new direction. I decided to stick with a SL blog.

Out the old and in the new, I am happy about how the website is turning out but there is still a lot to do.

Some links might be missing as I am still working on it and I am adding some simple short posts just to fill in the blank because it is easier to design a content-filled website. On a side note, if you need help with your SL website whether it’s for a full re-design, proofreading or fix some broken links/images, don’t hesitate to contact me, no job too small.