Prisqua Newall

Second Life Resident since 2006, I go by the name of Prisqua Newall, Prisqua being my real life name. I log in almost daily because no matter what others say, Second Life can be fun if you don’t take it too seriously and have awesome friends like I do.

In World, I spend my time between visiting SL events, exploring Sims and taking pictures for my Flickr feed, decorating my home and spending time with amazing people all around the world.

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Latest SL Stories

Advice, thoughts and honest reviews about everything that is Second Life

Due to technical issues, I had to delete my blog and build a new one. Read more here.

Second Life Best Landmarks

Have some fun exploring sims

On my 10 years Rez Day, I realised that I had not seen much in Second Life. Now I visit a new sim each time I log in and that’s how my SL photo obsessions all started.