Prisqua Newall

Second Life Resident since 2006, my SL name is Prisqua Newall. No matter what others say, Second Life can be fun if you don’t take it too seriously. Having awesome friends makes your SL life way more enjoyable. Drama is part of RL and SL, but can be seen as a great source of entertainment if you can remove yourself from the situation and just smile and move on.

In-world, I spend my time between visiting shopping too much for things I didn’t know I needed until I saw it, exploring sims, taking pictures for my Flickr feed, decorating my home and spending time with amazing people. I am also the owner of Koala Beach which keeps me busy.

I have four moderated Flickr groups: Slex & the City, Just Home & Decor, Second Foodie: a virtual affair with pixel food and drinks, Sport on Second Life


Latest SL Stories

In my spare time I like to review products I buy on SL because I dislike wasting my Lindens. Occasionally I’ll write a long post, or I will express my thoughts on Twitter and Facebook.

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