What's inside your shopping box?

When it comes to Second Life shopping, many aspects have to be considered - price, amount of prims, functionality, content for what you're paying for, vague advertising campaigns, etc. - and besides copyrights infringements, there are no specific policies, so creators can become complacent, greedy or simply lazy.

We're all unique, therefore our reasons for being on Second Life, and do what we do are different. Expectations vary from one avatar to another, but when it comes to spending Lindens, shouldn't we get what we paid for? Of course if you don't care about wasting your Lindens, that's fine too.

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I'm  Prisqua newall

Second Life Shopping: No refund for you.

Pretty pictures on Flickr are just that: pretty pictures, which makes it difficult to decide if that bag is really worth the 300L when you're on a budget, or would you have bought this object had you known it was 162 prims? There is no refund on Second Life, unless you bought an item twice or there was a genuine error somewhere along the line.

At Slex and the City, we review and compare what's inside your Second Life shopping boxes and virtual business practices. We also interview content creators or anyone who has a story to tell.

Feel free to contact us if there is a particular product/service you would like us to review, or for an interview.

Happy Second Life shopping.

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