A new beach house


Tranquility Dreams is the safe haven where I have been living/hiding since January 2017. This is the first time I have stayed on the same lot for so long. The sim is beautiful

A new beach house2017-10-10T11:28:28+10:00

The Skyroom: How high can you go?


May has been a busy month in RL with university keeping me occupied, so I have not been on SL as much. I still try to login daily though, even if it is

The Skyroom: How high can you go?2017-06-13T16:59:52+10:00

Baja Beach House


When I came back to SL in 2016, a friend whom I like to refer to as Z, took me to a sim called Baja. Z is the reason I started exploring. I

Baja Beach House2017-04-17T09:44:35+10:00