Maitreya Lara X was first leaked by the brand Velour when they announced their new skin specifically made for that body. This generated a lot of excitement among Maitreya fans and sparked gossip, as not much was revealed besides the name and the fact that an update was coming. I believe this prompted Maitreya to make an official announcement, but it didn’t reveal much, and no release date was given besides “coming soon.”

Everything We Know So Far About Maitreya Lara X

What is Maitreya Lara X?

Maitreya is introducing a significant upgrade to the much-loved Lara Mesh Body.

There’s been a surge in requests for an updated Lara mesh body. Most users are hoping for a more detailed, curvier Lara with improved weights. This demand comes from creators who have found it challenging to create content for Lara, with some even discontinuing Lara sizes. While Maitreya wanted to address these issues, they realized that any changes could disrupt existing content.

Their solution? They’re enhancing Lara with a more detailed mesh and smoother weights, and they’re introducing this as Lara X in the next update. This isn’t a replacement but an addition, ensuring that everyone gains without losing anything. Every Lara mesh body owner or buyer will get Maitreya Lara X for free, along with the original Lara body. This allows users to switch between the two as they wish.

The Evolution of Maitreya Lara

Eight years ago, Lara was launched, and it quickly became a favorite in the Second Life grid. Initially, Lara was designed to resemble the default Second Life avatar (Ruth), allowing users to keep their existing wardrobe. Over time, this has changed, and now, thanks to numerous Second Life content creators, a mesh body can be personalized to our liking.

Features of Maitreya Lara X

Currently, not much detail has been provided. This gif will show the slight differences

What we know or has been discussed:

    • Petite will no longer require a separate addon. It will be a full body. Same with Flat, it seems.
    • There is not a noticeable change in the appearance of the hands and feet besides the hands becoming slightly smoother). Existing rings and shoes will still fit.
    • The rigging has changed so it means that some existing clothing will not fit. To what extent we just don’t know yet. Although mods on group chat have said older clothes will not fit.
    • The derrière (buttocks) has been changed and it looks like physics is going to work.
    • Lara X is not a Lara V5.3 “replacement”. Lara X is an addition. The regular Lara isn’t being withdrawn.
    • Lara X’s neck will maintain the Type 1 and Type 2 Normals Mapping and Alignment found in the current Lara V5.3 and will therefore support older non-Evo X Lelutka heads without a visible neckline joint or discoloration.
    • Lara X will still have the three tattoo, underwear and clothing layers that the current Lara V5.3 has, appliers from which will still work with Lara X.

August 2, 2023 update: Gryphon, Maitreya General Manager & CSR, mentioned in the Maitreya group chat that shoes would not be impacted by Lara X, but clarified that it might not be the case for all types of shoes. The extent of the impact depends on the style of boots being used. While regular shoes are considered to be fine, when it comes to higher boots, there is a possibility of some clipping issues occurring around the thigh area.

How to Use Maitreya Lara X

People are complaining because they wanted updates and fixes, but they don’t want a new body that means that all existing clothing won’t work.

As we are getting an update to the existing body and a new body, you can switch between the two. Just like with all new bodies requiring new clothes, it will take time for the market to be flooded with it. This will give you time to get used to the new body.

Maitreya Lara X Reviews and Feedback

Unveiling Maitreya Lara X: The Next Generation Mesh Body Upgrade

Image provided by Honey Puddles: The blue outline represents Maitreya Lara 5.3, while the skin/body shown is the Lara X

It’s quite the spectacle, isn’t it? Maitreya seems to be the latest punching bag, despite the countless mods available for Legacy, Reborn, and the like. Belleza, too, had its share of the limelight with the GenX release, which didn’t exactly receive a standing ovation.

Belleza, oh Belleza, they really stirred the pot by charging a whopping 5500 for what customers thought would be a simple update. It was as if they had forgotten their loyal customer base and treated them like fresh faces off the street.

On the other hand, Maitreya has been playing it cool. They’re not asking us to empty our pockets for this new body or update, or whatever it is. They’re just handing it over, much like they’ve done in the past, barring a few add-ons.

And if you’re one for statistics, just compare Belleza and GenX. Despite the hullabaloo, all the Belleza body versions are still more popular than GenX. Quite the plot twist, isn’t it?

The mesh body bazaar isn’t just a one-man show starring Maitreya. Sure, they’ve got about a third of the mesh body enthusiasts wrapped around their little finger, but that’s less than before. Seems like Maitreya’s been slowly losing its charm to those craving a bit more junk in the trunk and silkier shoulders. Meanwhile, the Maitreya loyalists were busy gifting bodies to their alter egos and buddies, but they weren’t exactly lining up to buy more of what they already had or splurge on Maitreya’s in-store wardrobe.

Enter Belleza, who decided to “solve” this issue by birthing an entirely new body that wouldn’t play nice with their previous offerings. Even their old skins threw a fit. SLink followed suit with their shiny, “upgraded” bodies.

Maitreya, seeing their fan-base slowly slipping away, knew they had to pull a rabbit out of the hat. They needed to win back hearts without causing a mass exodus to rival brands. Their solution? A free update that includes both bodies. It’s not going to have all their old users throwing a party, but most will stick around and continue to sing Maitreya’s praises.

And let’s not forget, some folks will actually purchase the new body. If it’s a dream to rig, clothing creators will be all over it.

A fresh body on the scene stirs up a buzz and boosts sales. Brand loyalty is all well and good, but a new body will eventually lure in new buyers.

Maitreya knew they had to shake things up or risk becoming yesterday’s news. Clinging onto their market share with no updates? That’s like trying to win a marathon with a flat tire. They had to roll out something fresh to stay in the game. And with all the grumbling about the shoulders, it was clear where the makeover was needed.

It’s not as if 5.3 is going to pull a Houdini and disappear from everyone’s inventory overnight. The fashion-forward folks who need a new outfit for every day of the week jumped ship to Legacy ages ago.

Where to Buy Maitreya Lara X

Redelivering Lara will get you Lara 5 + Lara X

Redelivering Petite will get you Lara 5 Petite and Lara X Petite (full body, not add-on)

Redelivering Flat will get you Lara 5 Flat and Lara X Flat (full body, not add-on)

People who don’t own the Maitreya Lara V5.3 will have to go to the store to buy it.

Embracing Change: Maitreya’s Refreshed Lara and the Exciting Possibilities Ahead

So, Maitreya is hitting the refresh button on Lara, which means a wardrobe overhaul is on the cards. If it’s going to make life easier for creators, then bring it on!

Lara’s getting a shoulder lift, armpit enhancement, and some extra padding in the rear. Your rings and shoes will still be a perfect fit. Lara’s die-hard fans have been waiting for this moment.

Perhaps some creators will switch gears to Lara X and bid adieu to Lara 5.3. Or maybe they’ll stick with 5.3 and give X a miss. They might even drop Lara like a hot potato, or cater to both. And who knows, they might even revamp their existing collections for X. The possibilities are endless.

One thing’s for sure, I’m ready to welcome this new body with open arms, all the while I will still be able to rock Lara 5.3 and the mountain of clothes I’ve hoarded for her.

All the gossip and tantrums aren’t going to make a difference. This change is inevitable. You can either roll with it or roll out. Isn’t it fantastic that we’re spoiled for choice in Second Life?

As for me, I’m not abandoning ship.

That’s the scoop on Maitreya Lara X

Now, it’s your turn to join the conversation. What are your thoughts on the update? Are you excited about the changes or do you have reservations? Drop a comment below and let’s get the discussion rolling.

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Lara X Gossip

Edit: comment added from Maitreya on Facebook:

Everything We Know So Far About Maitreya Lara X

Belly chains, belly piercings, and nipple piercings won’t or probably won’t work with Lara X.

Gloves that fit Lara should fit Lara X, though if they go above the elbow there may be issues – unless they are BoM or appliers.
Nails appliers will work for sure, and mesh nails should if they fit Lara now.
Things that cover the shoulders can work with alpha

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