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Second Life Event’s Latest: Where Did ’13th Street’ Lose its Urban Edge?

by Prisqua Newall
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Well, well, well, if it isn’t another Second Life event fiesta! You’re probably rolling your eyes and groaning, “Not again!” But alas, my dear fashionistas and keyboard warriors, it’s true. We are once more beckoned to strut our virtual selves on the pixelated runway.

Our benevolent overlords at Seraphim have declared the theme to be “unique urban fashion.” Because why would we opt for ‘boring suburban fashion’, right? Expect your screen to burst with an explosion of hip Apparel, Avatar Enhancements, and Cosmetics (because who doesn’t want to look glam while fighting off trolls?), or so it says…

Think of urban fashion as the sartorial embodiment of city life, the couture equivalent of a graffiti-splashed brick wall or a beatboxing subway performer. It’s edgy, it’s eclectic, and it screams individuality louder than a street vendor hawking hot dogs.

In a nutshell, urban fashion is like a melting pot of various styles and cultures, fusing together elements of street wear, leisurewear, and high fashion. It’s all about comfort, functionality, and most importantly, personal expression.

Second Life Event's Latest: Where Did '13th Street' Lose its Urban Edge?

Now, what would I expect at this digital extravaganza? I’d expect to be dazzled by street-smart attire like graphic tees, oversized hoodies, and chic denim. How about some high-end sneakers, designed for a styled statement?

Chunky jewelry to designer bags, because in the urban fashion world, accessorizing is not just an option, it’s a requirement. And since this is a Second Life event, I anticipate some futuristic fashion tech – think clothes with LED lights or smart fabrics.

The catalogue, much like an enticing movie trailer, hinted at an array of items, from apparel to avatar enhancements, cosmetics, decor, and more. But as I flipped through it, the offerings seemed as ‘urban’ as a countryside village fair.

So, off I went, venturing into this new Second Life event with expectations as high as skyscrapers.

Well, upon first glance, the event seemed to be as bustling as a library on a Friday night – all of 13 people in attendance! But hey, let’s cut them some slack. After all, this shindig is still in its cradle, and it had the audacity to throw open its virtual doors right when most folks are busy hunting down weekend sales like bargain-hungry hyenas.

Sprawling and ambitious, the event had plenty of room to spare, clearly anticipating a fashion fiesta with many brands coming on board. Alas, a few vacant booths and walls adorned with art work – filler for unoccupied spaces – only emphasized the emptiness rather than the potential.

Lo and behold! Quite a few familiar faces in the brand crowd, which, honestly, induces a cringe or two on my part. Why, you ask? It’s simple, really – does their presence here herald another round of déjà vu designs, ready to populate the weekend sales post-event?

Second Life Event's Latest: Where Did '13th Street' Lose its Urban Edge?

I scoured the event, my virtual eyes seeking something, anything, that could be defined as uniquely urban. But it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. All that I found had the fresh appeal of a rerun TV show – seen before, seen again.

The digital landscape is sprawling, suggesting they’ve optimistically anticipated a horde of brands to jump aboard the fashion bandwagon.

Now, there are a few booths standing as lonely as a wallflower at a school dance, waiting for brands to fill their void. And then there’s that wall space, currently being used like a substitute teacher, filled with art works in lieu of booths. It’s like a placeholder for potential, a promise of ‘more to come’. A bit like an abstract mural covering the construction of a shiny new skyscraper, wouldn’t you say?

Armed with a thrilling promise and a distinctly urban moniker, “13th Street” was set to take the “Second Life” fashion scene by storm. The name, I must admit, has a certain gritty charm to it. Conjuring images of busy city streets, graffiti walls, and the pulsating beat of city life, it certainly whets one’s appetite for a hearty serving of urban fashion.

However, the reality of the event was as far from the buzzing 13th Street as one could imagine. Where were the eclectic, edgy offerings one would expect from a so-called urban fashion event? Instead, it was like stepping into a fashion time machine, serving us reruns of styles that we’ve seen before and have likely grown weary of. The much-anticipated thrill of discovering unique urban trends quickly evaporated into a sigh of disappointment.

And let’s not forget the décor, which seemed to have taken a detour from the 13th Street to a galaxy far, far away. The disconnect was almost comical – had I beamed myself into a sci-fi convention instead of an urban fashion event?

There’s one element in most Second Life events that tends to be as elusive as a cat in a game of hide-and-seek: the juicy backstage gossip. You know, the who’s who and the why’s why? Unraveling the story behind the event, now that’s a tale worth telling.

From the breadcrumbs I’ve gathered, the masterminds behind the “13th Street” are brands Little Diamond and F-ART Store, the latter being a den for men’s urban fashion.

I am familiar with the brand Little Diamond as I have purchased some of their items at events. However, I stopped buying from them after one of the outfits I had purchased at full price during an event was discounted during a weekend sale soon after the event ended.

Diablita Cuttita, the brain behind Little Diamond and the significant other of CandyKitten’s owner, has made quite a bold claim on her profile. In her own words, “This gonna be the event that everyone’s gonna be talking about!!! Best designers on the grid! Event by invitation only!” Quite a declaration, wouldn’t you say? The anticipation to see if the event can match up to this lofty promise is palpable.

For comparison’s sake, take a gander at seasoned Second Life events like Uber, Fameshed, and C88. They all have cam sims, and some residents have to twiddle their thumbs for three days before getting access to these events. Sure, they’re seasoned veterans, but even new kids on the block like Equal 10, Access, and Anthem are holding their own.

Second Life Event's Latest: Where Did '13th Street' Lose its Urban Edge?

As I jot down these words, I’ve been soaking in the event vibes for roughly 40 minutes. The crowd has swelled from a meager 13 to a more respectable 23. Perhaps there’s a glimmer of hope at the end of this tunnel after all?

In essence, while new Second Life event “13th Street” may ring the urban bell in name, it unfortunately fell short in living up to its name. Like a song with a catchy tune but forgettable lyrics, it failed to leave a memorable mark on the urban fashion scene.


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