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Crowned in Style: Unraveling the Head-Top Sunglasses Trend In Second Life

by Prisqua Newall
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Today, I’m happy to delve into a topic sparked by a simple request from my sister, Saki. She, with her characteristic flair for style, expressed a desire to don sunglasses on top of her head.

Ready to unravel a tale that might tickle your fashion senses and even make a sunglasses designer or two raise an eyebrow—or should I say, frame?

Let’s embark on a whimsical yet insightful exploration of a fashion trend that’s both practical and stylish—a trend that mirrors the real world but has found itself quite the anomaly in the realm of Second Life.

The Quirky Allure of Virtual Head-Top Sunglasses

Imagine wandering through the pixelated streets of our virtual haven, adorned with sunglasses atop your crown—a simple yet sophisticated statement. In the real world, it’s a familiar sight, but in our digital universe, it’s a trend that’s yet to find its stride.

That’s where our tale begins.

To me, it was a simple task. Ages ago, I made a copy of my Moncada Paris Sunglasses in a specific folder for them for My Wardrobe. Then, I positioned them correctly on top of my head. It wasn’t difficult, just a tad tedious, but anyone can do it.

That being said, there are people like Saki who much prefer to have things already prepared for them, requiring only minor adjustments. It is understandable that some people prefer convenience and avoid the DIY option.

So what are some convenient options?

Doux: Hair and Shades Entwined in a Glamorous Embrace

Doux brings you the hair-and-glasses combo—a package deal of style, where the two go hand in hand. However, while the hair-and-glasses combo offers a complete aesthetic, this option might not align with those who crave versatility in their hairstyles. (You do have the option to remove the sunglasses).

Doux: Hair and Shades Entwined in a Glamorous Embrace

The Power of Choice: S-Club’s Offering

On the flip side, S-Club offers the luxury of choice, allowing you to embrace the glasses and hair as a pair or individually. It’s like a fashion choose-your-own-adventure. the only thing is that you have to buy the fatpack and that will set you back to a whooping 1000L which is pretty expensive if you are buying the hairstyle just for the glasses.

The Power of Choice: S-Club's Offering

This is my favourite hairstyle from S-Club which I wear with and without sunglasses.

The Power of Choice: S-Club's Offering

In this pic I am using the sunglasses that comes with another S-Club hairstyle. It would some monor adjustments but it would could work on any hairstyle.


Enter RVN, the wildcard, with their offering of head-top sunglasses. It’s a step towards fulfilling the craving for this trend, yet the execution leaves a bit to be desired. The concept is great, but the glasses themselves don’t look great. Additionally, RVN offers a handheld option that looks impractical.

Unveiling RVN's Wildcard: A Mixed Offering

The look of the sunglasses just didn’t do anything for me.

Unveiling RVN's Wildcard: A Mixed Offering

RVN is a great store which I will include in a review one day, but this product is not their best one.

Unraveling the Head-Top Sunglasses Trend In Second Life

If I need to hold glasses in my hand, there are other great options available with Movement, and other brands for fashion accessories.

Believe: The Epitome of Sunglasses Options

The Believe brand offers the best option with their Barbie sunglasses. While the style may not be to everyone’s liking, it does come with three different wearing options: wear them normally, on top of your head, or in your mouth.

Second Life Believe The Epitome of Sunglasses Options

Second Life Believe The Epitome of Sunglasses Options

When you have your hands full … it works perfectly …

Second Life Believe The Epitome of Sunglasses Options

Crafting Head-Top Magic: The DIY Approach

In the end, I still think the best option is to have your own sunglasses that you can use with any hairstyle. Most likely, they will come with a HUD for customization, so they can match whatever you’re wearing. For those who prefer the convenience of having it already done for them, it would be great if sunglasses designers simply added that option to their pack. Or perhaps offer it as an add-on style during a weekend sale? I would be interested in that.

Rediscovering Hidden Treasures: Unconventional Sunglasses Unveiled from the Depths of My Inventory

As I bring this post to a close, I’m filled with the delight that comes from sharing insights that have been both playful and enlightening. The journey took me deep into the recesses of my inventory, revealing a treasure trove of sunglasses I had long forgotten about.

Amidst these rediscoveries, three pieces shine a spotlight on the versatility that lies within the world of virtual eyewear. Let me illuminate these distinctive finds that have accompanied me on my stylish voyage.

The first of these finds, a distinctive creation once known as [evoLove] – Pop Glasses Folded, now reborn as EcruCouture, adds a touch of quirkiness to the spectrum. These folded sunglasses uniquely attach to the right hand, offering an interesting twist despite the absence of built-in poses. For those who appreciate a dash of whimsy and a sprinkle of creativity, this piece certainly catches the eye (it even offers a HUD for different textures).

Unraveling the Head-Top Sunglasses Trend In Second Life

Moving along our voyage, we encounter the creation by Nerido. These ingenious sunglasses are designed to gracefully cling to the front of your shirt, turning any attire into an elegant display of charm. It’s as though fashion and practicality have converged to craft a unique marriage of style.

Unraveling the Head-Top Sunglasses Trend In Second Life

Last but not least, a gem from the [hh] brand. Within an outift, a pair of head-top sunglasses takes center stage. This discovery resonated with me, and these shades have seamlessly integrated into my virtual identity.

Unraveling the Head-Top Sunglasses Trend In Second Life

As this journey concludes, my inventory stands reinvigorated, my style palette expanded, and my fascination with unconventional eyewear kindled anew. Each discovery serves as a reminder that virtual fashion is a realm of endless possibilities. It’s not just about sunglasses adorning heads or eyes—it’s about expression, innovation, and standing out in the virtual crowd.

Calling All Fashion Pioneers: Let’s Ignite Conversation

So, what’s the call to action here? Fashion innovators and enthusiasts alike, let’s spark a virtual dialogue. I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments below. Do you find yourself reaching for the DIY approach, like my own innovation? Or do you resonate with a different perspective on the head-top glasses trend? Your insights could be the spark that ignites the next wave of virtual fashion evolution.

Fashion, after all, is an ever-evolving canvas, and we’re the brushstrokes that color this digital tapestry. Let’s weave this narrative together and celebrate the fusion of style and imagination.

Until then, keep rocking those head-top glasses, my stylish avatars, and who knows? Maybe we’ll spot a trend shift that’s as dazzling as a supernova in the digital sky. Until then, stay fashionable, stay fabulous, and keep those glasses perched high! 🕶️

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