June 6

Second Life animations, is quantity better than quality?


When buying furniture in Second Life, do you care about the animations?

I went to Anthem May round because I was curious about the Dust Bunny & Con Serenea Bathroom, and had my eyes set on the sauna.

That is, until I sat in it…

Dust Bunny & Con Serenea Bathroom animations Second Life
On what is my arm resting?
Dust Bunny & Con Serenea Bathroom animations Second Life
Can someone please explain this pose?
Dust Bunny & Con Serenea Bathroom animations Second Life
This was the worst pose of all, and yes, my AO is off.

This sauna only has a few animations, so I have to wonder how does this happen? I mean … don’t the creators try the animations and fix them to fit their furniture before selling them?

And please do not give me the “how the creators are spending so much time for little money or whatever other BS speech I hear all the time excusing creators for poor quality content.”

When you start a business RL or SL, you know exactly what you’re getting yourself in.

Is it because it is SL and therefore what some call it “not real” that we have to put up with poor quality purchases?

I am spending my real money on Second Life. My choice and I love it.

In exchange though, I do expect to receive a finished product, and that above is not a finished product with care.


I came across the Masculine Chair Set from Adjunct and bought it for its originality in terms of poses.

Second Life Masculine Chair set from Adjunct

I really wanted to like it because this is really an original idea (and credit to the creator who refunded me).

Unfortunately it is more a prop for photography rather than a chair you’d use in your home.

It has only a few poses and the props are not self-attached. They are in your inventory. There is also a set of no-copy/transfer props to pass on to a friend if then wanted to sit in that chair….

The low quality version of the chair is 14 prims, so unless you have lots of prims to spare, it is most definitely not worth it as a permanent fixture in a home.  Especially when you can have an armchair with 40+ poses and only a few prims … but is it better?

I am still hoping Adjunct will remake the chair with props that self-attached because that would be grand (and a feminine chair would be grand too).

A chair with a few original animations specific to a purpose would be great. A kitchen stool only need animations pertinent to why you would sit in the kitchen.  An office chair should have a few some related to office work, right? Armchairs, sofas, loungers are a bit more versatile.

Take Loft and & Aria furniture. They have lots of animations, but they are organised, making it easier to choose one, although she could totally do with less of them.

Second Life animations

Animations with props are usually the worst one which I wish creator would stop adding them or do real collab with ChicChica and No.59 amongst a few other food & drinks creators who have nailed those types of animations to perfection.

On the other hand, I got this office chair from Kraftwork which has tons of animations with only the first four named and related to an office desk.

For the rest of the poses, you’ll have to scroll through each one and remember the one you like is “sit 29” – or is a decent pose because a lot of them are meh or WTF –

Are 43 animations really necessary?

Who goes through that many just to sit down?

By the time I have chosen one to sit , I have to TP or log off.

The other day I was discussing with my sister how we see a lot of rehashed content.

Considering the amount of events these days, it is not surprising that the outcome is fewer creative options from our beloved creators.

I don’t mind the re-texture of furniture as long as it is redone for the better.

But instead of just changing textures, how about re-working the animations? Less of them, named them and content related? Wouldn’t that be something new?

Originality would be a bonus, but these days it seems a big ask for content creators.

At CakeDay event I came across this couch.

Definitely not the kind of couch that would suit my home, but what I love about it is the addition of an original animation of “cleaning your sneakers’.

Sure, it is not for everybody, but the couch targets a specific market for the people who do clean their sneakers and it is great.

You also have the option to buy the animation by itself. Check out her photostream for more info.

This topic came up two years ago when I visited Scarlet Creative store with my sister and found some very laughable animations.  Charlotte Barlott from Scarlet Creative came across my post and messaged me to let me know she had a chuckle on the pictures. I was relieve she didn’t take it the wrong way and she appreciated the feedback.

Wouldn’t less animations means less work for creators?

I guess one issue for creators have is the amount of different markets to cater for and they should be expected to cater for all of them at once.

SL residents also use their furniture differently, have different needs.

You have the Flickr bloggers who only use furniture to take pretty pictures, so they don’t care about poses.

You have people who like standing in a pretty home, so they also don’t care about the poses.

You have the people who don’t care as long as it is cheap.

Then you have the people like me, who do care about the poses and all the little details because I use everything in my home.

Did I cover all the genres? 😉

Sometimes I like a chair just for the look of it, so I remove the animations and use it as a decor piece.

At the end of the day,  I still would like to see more finished products ad less excuses for creators in Second Life.

Where do you stand with animations in furniture?









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