October 31

2021 favorite new kitchens Part 1


If in 2020 we didn’t have many choices for new kitchens, 2021 changed all that. It’s been almost as if each brand name had to have a new kitchen out for 2021.

I was still hoping for the Hive Store to release the new kitchen she mentioned to me last year, but she seems to be on to new things.

And that’s okay considering all the new kitchens I have seen so far. 2021 is not even over. So, who knows? Maybe a few more will come out before the end of 2021. Who do you think could come up with a new one?

I am still very happy with the Modern Farmhouse Kitchen from the Hive Store, and use it in most of my Aussie Shores rental houses and my home. It is versatile and fits most houses. With good poses, it’s great. I can’t fault that kitchen.

Having said that, it is time for something new.  After all, this is one advantage of a Second Life: we’re not stuck with the same kitchen or house for the next 10-20 years. We can change it all on a whim.

Since I’ve been spending four weeks on decorating the new rentals, and also decided to change my home, I decided to seriously look into all the options we’ve been offered so far in 2021.

Small New Kitchens

Where space and prims are limited, we have quite a few new small kitchens that are perfect for small houses and beach cabins.

Chez Moi New Kitchens

Chez Moi released two small kitchens. The first one is the Quinn Kitchen Set, a one piece u-shaped kitchen with decor and stools. The unit is 4 prims and has a few poses and decor you can use or not.


Being a U-shape, you have to have the right space, but it is everything you’d need in a small kitchen. Lots of texture options, and Chez Moi is pretty good with her poses.

PG 750L

Adult 999L

The second one is the Bellshore Kitchen and I have been using it a lot in my small rental houses.


I also noticed it was used a lot by Flickr bloggers. The texture options are fantastic that you can go wild with your decor.

You can view all the poses on Chez Moi website here.

PG 792L

Adult 1188L


Kraftwork came out with the mini Boho kitchen. For even even smaller spaces it works amazingly well and with the funky colour options, they make up for interesting kitchen spaces.


The unit is 4 prims with two animations (you can unlink the folded tables).


TP to Kraftwork


For another choice of small kitchen is the newly released one by Soul2Soul, the Artisan Kitchen collection.

Soul2Soul, the Artisan Kitchen collection

I love the colour options which would make up for interesting kitchen setups. Slightly more expensive at 1599L compared to the other small kitchens, but it is an interesting design.


A great option for a small kitchen is the Mediterranean Kitchen from KOPFKINO, which was still Gacha at the time of writing. I still wanted to include it in this round because it is such a neat small kitchen.

As I couldn’t find it in store, I contacted Lily Lovelace, the creator behind KOPFKINO who almost instantly converted it into a regular kitchen, ready for purchase.  If that’s not great customer service, I don’t know what is.


The fatpack is 1299L, but you can buy the pieces separately. The fridge is decor only and there are no poses in the cabinets. There are texture options for the tiles and curtain.


The DIY kitchen Countertop is a single piece for a specific type of kitchen design. Great for a small spaces and if you’re on tight budget.


178L to 320L depending on the texture set you want.

Pitaya also released La Cuisine in January 2021 as Gacha for the Epiphany, but is now available as a regular fatpack for 2350L.


The hud gives you a choice of textures.

Second Life Best 2021 new kitchens

Big New Kitchens

North Oak


If you’re after something simple, but stylish and elegant, this is it, the North Oak Modern Kitchen.

The sink has one pose, and the fridge has a few more. This is more a kitchen for decor rather than role-play.

Each cabinets are 2 prims, so it might not be a prim saver kitchen, but boy it looks exquisite.

Price starts at 575L per colour set and the type of handle and the fatpack is 975L. The stocked fridge is extra at 575L per colour set or 875L for the fatpack.

Second Life New kitchens 2021

Both fatpacks bring the price at 1850L, or 1150L if you get one colour set for the kitchen and one set for the fridge.

The stool is separate at 175L per colour or 495L for the fatpack.

Fancy Decor and Kraftwork collaboration

These two creators brought out a 32-piece modular kitchen available in five colours.


As far I as I can tell there is no option to buy all colours in a fatpack.

All cabinets are 1-2 prims.

My main concern for this kitchen is the lack of countertop texture options. I tinted mine so it wasn’t so white and bright, but it doesn’t look that great. I would love to see other textures.

Other than that, it looks great. My favorite piece is the island bench with the shelves and since it is modular, you can create your own kitchen island.

I also love the glass doors and the different sizes cabinets allowing for lots of combinations, and great for a massive room.

PG 999L

Adult 1299L

Available at Kraftwork and Fancy Decor


Elm released the Clarissa kitchen and comes in six colours sold separately.


The kitchen looks fairly high, and I am not a petite avatar. Prim wise, the u-shape display is linked with the island bench and shows 24 prims, so each pieces must be 1-2 prims.

The sink unit is 5 prims and appears to be the one with the poses. I only tested the single poses which don’t particularly make sense in the kitchen, but discussing poses in Second Life is another story.

The shelf is 2 prims.

The stool is 3 prims.

Looking at the vendors, I am assuming you can change the tile textures and the countertop.

PG  649L

Adult 799L

The stools are sold separately in four different colours.

PG 199L Fatpack 649L

Adult 275L Fatpack 949L

TP to Elm.

Muniick kitchen

Muniick Second Life New kitchens 2021

1-5 prims per piece. Fridge is empty and doesn’t have poses as far s I can tell.

Second Life New kitchens 2021

16-piece modular set

PG 450L

Adult 550L

38-piece modular set

PG 795L

Adult 895L

TP to Muniick

Tartessos Arts

The Gourmand Kitchen is a great kitchen.


I’m unsure about the prims. The display was linked and showed 48 prims while the kitchen island with the three stools showed 9 prims. You can open all cupboard doors and drawers in this kitchen. Although the one cupboard I would have liked to open, doesn’t (the corner unit).

The fridge is empty. You could possibly add your own stuff and with a bit of effort link some food in the doors. You can change the textures for the sink, fridge, counter, stools and wood. PG menu version includes: Singles, cook, massage and Cuddles animations. Adult menu version includes: Singles, massage, Cuddles, Straight, lesbian and 3some animations.

What makes it a really interesting kitchen is the choice of colours. It comes with your traditional wood colours, but also has funky colours such as red, blue and aqua. Not colour choices I would think of for a kitchen, but what better way to add spice to your kitchen? I would love to see setups with these colours.

Second Life Best 2021 new kitchens

PG 1200L

Adult 1800L

TP to Tartessos Arts

Bazar Mira Kitchen


No info about the kitchen and I found no scripts to change the textures, so it must be what you see is what you get?

PG 1299L

Adult 1299L

Stool is sold separately at $129L. Each pieces are 1-2 prims.

Released for Uber at the time of writing.

TP to Bazar


Another kitchen I have to mention even though it wasn’t created in 2021 is the Magnolia kitchen from DBy. It is worth mentioning because it is a great one for role-player lovers out there and it received an update this year. It might be the most expensive kitchen at 2599L but it has 4.5 stars on MP with 20 reviews.

Buy on MP (link to store)

Which new kitchen is best?

With all these choices now, it really depends on the style you’re going for and the space. Then you’ll have to take into account the price and the amount of prims, although they all are 1-2 prims for the cabinets.

I think the Hive Modern Farmhouse Kitchen is still a great choice if you’re on a budget and limited in prims, but still want a great looking kitchen with awesome poses. It will fit any spaces with a style that won’t fade.

The Gourmand Kitchen from Tartessos Arts is a great choice for its all inclusive texture options at 12ooL (if you don’t need the Adult option).

Price wise, Soul2soul is the most expensive for a small kitchen, but unique in its style and modern compared to  all other smaller kitchens.

Overall though, with so many choices I can’t say one is better than the other as it is really up to your style, prims and budget. They all have something to offer based on individuality.

It is fantastic to have so many options now and to be able to create a unique kitchen design in a home. Since you can buy pieces for most of them, you can possibly mix and match.

If you need inspiration, I highly suggest

Although it makes choosing a kitchen quite difficult now, but that is a good thing, right?

I installed the Fancy Decor and Kraftwork collab kitchen for my Onsu house, but because of the no countertop texture option, I am tempted to change it to the Gourmand Kitchen from Tartessos Arts. For my Onsu Skybox apartment, there is only one option: the North Oak Modern Kitchen is a must and absolutely perfect.

Two creators I’d love to see come up with new kitchens are the Loft & Aria and Apple Fall.

What’s your favorite kitchen and why? I highly encourage you to leave feedback about what you like and dislike with kitchen designs so that creators get hints about what to do next.

If I have forgotten to mention a 2021 kitchen, please send me the details and I’ll check it out.

November 17th, 2021 update: As two new kitchens have been released since my post and a new one from a well-known creator is on its way, I’m working on 2021 favorite new kitchens Part 2.

Can you guess who is releasing a kitchen?



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  • I loved reading your post, I will definitely share it.
    I read your oldest post talking about the previous kitchens options and things have changed a lot in this time.
    I would love to buy the new kitchen from Fancy Decor but having to choose only one color saddens me but I am curious to know that I will be able to combine it in different ways with other appliances.
    For my part, I will continue with my Hive Cozy Kitchen for now.
    Have a nice day ❤️

    • You can’t go wrong with Hive kitchens; they are fantastic. Another two kitchens have launched since my post, so at this rate we might see a few more before end of year. Thank you for reading and taking time to leave a comment. Always appreciated.

  • By far my favorite kitchen is the Master Chef – a reACT product by Akaesha. Its similar to your Tartessos. The cabinets and drawers open and close; the fridge is stocked with interactive foods; choice of R or L placement; the animations are nice (toss pizza, make sandwich, etc.); the cabinet doors are solid wood or see thru glass; the fridge, countertops, backsplash, stools and cabinets have various textures of marble, wood and metal; low lag and tons more features.
    The most awesome feature is the working flames on the stovetop!

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