Second Life best customer support

When you treat customers right, they come back … and they tell others.

~ Shep Hyken

With Internet and latest technology, I feel we take a lot for granted, and we are also taken for granted at times. So when someone does something you least expected and when they don’t even know you from a bar of soap, they should be recognised as in credible people. Therefore, here the Wall of Fame for amazing people on Second Life that go above and beyond to make you happy. To those people I would like to say thank you. This page was created for all the sellers on Second Life in mind but I am sure there are other people that deserve the same recognition. Please leave your comments if you feel that someone should be mentioned and explaining how and why. Thank you.

Lagom home and furniture decor. I got a Gacha kitchen that was “not modify”, therefore it couldn’t fit in my kitchen. There was a note explaining to contact Cath about getting “modify” rights but only if you had a complete set, which I hadn’t. I still contacted her and she asked me to send her whatever I had and changed everything to “modify”, no questions asked.

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War Paint. I am banned from The Chapter Four sim (Iconic and I don’t see eye to eye) therefore I have to rely on my alt to do my shopping if I really cannot wait for the items to be available in store. WarPaint had no gift option. I contacted her though Flickr Mail, thinking she probably wouldn’t answer until I send a notecard. To be honest, I was just being lazy. Anyway, the next day I had an email saying I had received something from WarPaint. I logged in and there my brand new lipstick was in my inventory. Thank you ūüôā

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Cheeky Pea. A failed delivery at an event, probably due to the lag as I was there on opening day. I sent a support request and the next day I had the item in my inventory with an extra something from the set, free of charge. Thank you ūüôā

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