There are several reasons for creating Newall Sands Estate which has now become Koala Beach.

First, I wanted space to decorate and accomodate all my “clutter”…  Instead of letting it accumulate in my inventory, I may as well use it, right? So I wanted a bigger house, mansion type of house.  I visited Roost Homes almost a year ago and loved that house. Never seen anything else that had captured my attention as much as that one. I could picture living in it and decorating it, but didn’t think once I would actually own it. Well, now I do and it is so big, it will possibly take me one year to have it fully decorated.

Second, I wanted to do something a bit more productive with my time on Second Life. I owned and managed a club many years ago and it was a blast. I met so many people and some remain friends to this day. I then managed a full region with my back then RL/SL boyfriend. It was fun, but financially, it was even more of a drain than the club. Second Life land rentals back then was not the same, and prim wise, it was hectic: only 15000 prims and most objects were heavy in prims. How did we do it? lol

Third, I wanted that tennis court from Dad. I love playing tennis in RL and I thought it was such a great idea to create one on Second Life. DaD did a really good job with it  and the collaboration with other creators to produce a complete tennis set is absolutely brilliant. I wanted the full set just for my own pleasure, but I’m more than happy to share it with others.

Finally, I love having space, but it would be much more fun to have a few people to share it with. To help with the cost of renting a full sim, I’ve decided to rent a few parcels (which is also a good excuse to buy houses, but I can’t live in all of them, right?).

Newall Sands Estate is a work in progress as it will take me some time to get everything the way I would like to. I want to give it a little bit of an Australian theme, well more specifically a where-I-live-in-Australia kind of theme because it is such a big country that every states, every corner are different.  And it’s not that easy to find things that are specific to Australia. I’ve not been able to locate a dingo on the marketplace… but I found little joey.

Besides the tennis court hangout, you will find a pool area, a coffee shop and a beach, all inspired by Maroochydore Beach, Cotton Tree Park, Mount Coolum and the tennis courts at the Mudjimba Golf Club. Although the coffee shop might have a bit of French accent just to cover my background… There is a group fee to allow bloggers to rez props.  There is no Flickr group nor that I intend to do one as I already have four moderated groups. I much prefer to see the pictures out there rather than confined them to one group.

Well, I better get back to it, a lot of work awaits me.

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Visit Koala Beach.