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When shopping in Second Life, are poses in furniture a deal breaker?

by Prisqua Newall
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Unless, maybe, dining under the table is totally cool and original. Could it be a new thing in Second Life?

Browsing through Flickr pictures, I noticed a dining table set in a picture which I had to check out. The credits said it was from Scarlet Creative. Off I went to the store.

I was disappointed as it didn’t look nearly as good as in the picture. My disappointment grew bigger when I sat on one of the chairs and tried another to double check if it was in all chairs. TPD my friend over because she thought I was making it up.

The poses in the chairs are mostly unrelated to sitting at a “dining” table and two of them are ground-sit. I mean…. Since when do you dine sitting under the table? I guess you could make it a thing, but it bothered me that there was not a single worthwhile pose.

My friend said, “what do you expect for 299L?”

I’d like to use Nutmeg for reference to quality standards for décor stuff, but you’d be lucky to get three plates for that price. In fact, I’m pretty sure I paid 299L for one chair, but received what I paid for: a highly detailed chair with poses to match. No non-sense, so not complaining about the price.

Rich has an old dining set from Apple Fall which I think he paid around 300L or less. It didn’t come with anything else besides the table and chairs, and it uses an old version of AVsitter, but there is no ground sit… because they are dining chairs…

The pose engine. I have a friend who once said as we were shopping for a pool a few years ago that he doesn’t buy if it doesn’t have an Avsitter with whatever latest version is at the time. In some ways, it’s pretty much how you know the age of furniture. I still come across with furniture with an AVsitter v1.28 and nowadays it is above 2. Nothing wrong with v1.28. The latest versions just have better poses.

I went around my homes to check the all chairs. Also went to one of my rentals to check out a Bazar dining set, as anything from Bazar is affordable and looks good so it could be a good reference point.

When shopping in Second Life, are poses in furniture a deal breaker?

One of my chairs is from Nutmeg. Since it is not sold as a set you could use it for anything and potentially could have some ground sits, but why would it?

Maybe I shouldn’t take RL as a reference, but I will because my SL lifestyle still mimics my RL in many ways. My RL impacts what I do and how I feel in SL compare to others that may only role-play or live a purely fantasy life.

I’m looking around my apartment in RL, and we’ve never sat on the ground next to the dining table or a chair. We’ve sat on the ground in the kitchen because there is no breakfast bar with stool. I would be baking and my flatmate would start chatting and then sit on the ground (though we have cats so it’s a common to sit on the ground to be at their height level). We’ve sat on the ground against the couch. I also have cushions around the couch to accommodate sitting on the ground. I have sat on the ground in my bedroom against the wall or the bed, but never around the dining table. Have you?

Scarlet Creatives has been around for quite some time. I’ve got a couple of houses from the brand, usually a bit too primmy for my taste and most of the time I don’t like the floor plan design in terms of “how would you decorate that?” Some people are skilled at decorating anything areas, but I can’t and like to see first hand where the kitchen goes, where’s the bathroom, bedroom, etc. Or it’s too confusing.

But ground sit in dining chairs? Why? Is it laziness or a burn out expression?

When shopping in Second Life, are poses in furniture a deal breaker?

As always, this is my opinion and you can do whatever you want with your Second Life. and I know …. creators are working hard to make us all this stuff, but like in RL, I choose quality. If I have no problem with other pieces from Scarlet Creative, this one is a let down.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter, but I wonder how people make decisions when buying furniture. Do you just look at the price? Is it about the details? Are the poses in furniture a deal breaker?

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Stormy Weather August 19, 2020 - 4:45 pm

It is a bit of a deal breaker actually. I’m fed up with creators overcharging for furniture containing poses they couldn’t be bothered updating. There’s just no excuse for it but greed and laziness. About time someone called them out on it. Well done, you.

Pris August 23, 2020 - 4:03 pm

I wish people would raise their voice a bit more, then creators might be a bit less greedy and lazy. Thank you for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts.


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